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I can't make out what Deb says.


Don't touch what isn't yours.


She saw him saw the branch.

Write down the facts needed to convince other people.

Please exit on the left side of the train.

Did you have a sheet of paper then?

He has made me what I am.

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From which Surah is this Ayah from?


How do you want your eggs?

Get rid of this vomit yourself!

They don't seem to be very pleased.

I want you to bring it to me.

Pilot and Izchak can't get enough of each other.

Where did you finish them off?

Laborers required raising of a salary of the manager.

Are you saying you don't want to be here with me?

This door won't shut.

I won't let Tanaka do it.

I saw you give it to her.

Did you find a solution?

I hope that everything is going well.

Tony likes music a lot.

It was clear what he was trying to go.

Other scientists are debating his theory about the disappearance of dinosaurs.

Wake up Raja.


Were you conscientious?

I congratulate him, I congratulate Governor Palin for all that they've achieved. And I look forward to working with them to renew this nation's promise in the months ahead.

Triantaphyllos is the kind of person who always has to have the last word.

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I left it unlocked.

She complained of her headache.

We got scratched up.

Don't you ever do that!

Jingbai's parents never visited him in prison.


Please don't stop.


I slept soundly last night.

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She wiped a tear from her cheek.

We can help her.

The food was delicious.

These goods are available to members only.

I want to do it again.

He's a well-known impresario.

This is the first time I've ever received a letter from Marika.


The wall has a large hole in it.

When will he come?

Roxana came up with a new idea.


Establish contact with me tomorrow.

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We're better off now than we've ever been.

The resolution to the problem was close at hand.

It was the coldest inaugural day in the nation's history.


Pardon me, can you add another wine bottle please?


Autumn is beautiful in its own way.

I expect Kristian to be here by 2:30.

Marcos had nothing else to do.


I think I'll pop in on Mohammad and see how he's doing.


Our universe is expanding.

Don't get mixed up in that.

Could you sharpen my knife for me?

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The girl may well think ill you.

Rub two sticks together to get the fire started.

He never asked me.


I was very nervous.

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He wants a watch like yours.

What's your take?

Can we talk about music?

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I fancy that most people who think at all have done a great deal of their thinking in the first fourteen years.

The mere sight of a mosquito makes her sick.

My wife spends too much money on herself.

My antipathy toward telemarketers is so strong that I am often rude to them.

I'm getting advice from Daniele.

While Triantaphyllos was away from his desk, Stacy drew a caricature of him on the cover of his notebook.

You brought them here, didn't you?

I have coffee, tea, water, and fresh fruit juice.

I took a shower.


Dammit, that pest Nagisa, she really went and snitched on me to the teachers.


Sehyo knew who Todd's boyfriend was.

Nathaniel got up to greet them.

You really made me lose face.


I don't know how Nathaniel talked you into it.

Have you got a letter from him?

Poor tomcat.

Are you sure you want to go to Germany?

At least for now, I'm not going to say anything.

Do not open the door before the train comes to a halt.

Having laid an egg, a hen has less weight than before.

I prefer not to discuss it here.

It wasn't harassment.

Does anyone of you know Malaclypse?

I have high hopes for her.

We've brought enough food to feed everyone.

I should've anticipated that this would happen.


Stop calling me honey.


Our research indicates that such outcomes are becoming more common in this age group.

Forget what I just said.

He dropped his books on the floor.


She has a perfect body.

I met my teacher by accident at the restaurant last night.

Brightening the display on most cell phones reduces their battery life significantly.

At most, Henry has only six dollars.

My mother is a very good cook.

Sorry, but he is out now.

They often clashed over their political beliefs.

I'll accompany you as far as the intersection.

What a woman!


You have my mug.

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I really love basketball.


Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.


This grass is too wet to sit on.

She was denied any possibility of emigration.

The villa is located several kilometers from the sea.

All those efforts came to nothing.

Can I help you gentlemen?

His father died when he was a boy.

The members wanted Adrian banned from the club.

Clayton is a very attractive woman in her early thirties.

You talk about him too much.

Isn't this place great?

I don't think it's safe to swim here.


He's a sloppy kisser.

Although he was wrong, he didn't say he was sorry.

I think we just have to be patient.

Hard work is the main element of success.

I want my children to be happy.

He's reading a novel.

The most completely wasted of all days is that in which we have not laughed.


That was so funny.

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I thought you would say that.

My daughter, as a child, often suffered from asthma attacks.

Her husband is in prison.

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Don't talk to them about this.

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I talked to him again.


The doctor arrived in time to save her.


I wholeheartedly admire your understanding of Chinese.

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I have a lot of confidence in you.


Naresh only makes about half as much as Herman does.


He can't read it.

What has become of her son?

Sir won't be thirsty.

Why can't you be more like us?

Suzanne is quite naive, isn't he?

He is longing to see my family in Tokyo.

I'm sure you've seen everything you need to.


Dan came to trust Linda.

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They said they didn't want to come.

To rub salt in someone's wounds.

I got my bicycle repaired.


The question is by no means easy.


Theo took the broom out of the hall closet.

I was kidnapped.

Round-trip fares to each destination are as follows.


We're going to need a little more money.


Can Johnathan come, too?

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Roxanne might hire Elvis.